Friday, April 29, 2011


Heritage Winnipeg is looking for volunteer ambassadors and tour guides to represent buildings for our 8th annual DOORS OPEN WINNIPEG EVENT. The event, which features historically, culturally and architecturally significant buildings, takes place during the weekend of May 28th & 29th, between the hours of 11am to 5 pm. Shifts are three hours and buildings will be assigned. Volunteers are asked to attend one of the volunteer orientation sessions being held at the Millennium Library on either Tuesday, May 17th or Thursday, May 19th between 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm.

To register visit us online at or email our office at

Monday, April 11, 2011

End of an era

It's all over. The caffeine fuelled all-nighters, the mad dashes through hallways, assignment in hand, desperate to prevent lost marks, the impromptu pizza parties held with friends in The Projector office on late production nights.

Instead of relief or joy, I feel... Strange. I have three weeks of work placement remaining before I am fully done my course, all my assignments are handed in and the knowledge that I will doubtfully see the classmates I love on a regular basis again hangs over me like a (pardon the cliché) cloud.

Add to that the stress of embarking on the epic quest to find my first post-college job, become a grown up and fully take responsibility for my life and my future and you have one terrified 19-year-old girl.

I'm looking forward to it though. Or at least I think I am looking forward to it. I aim to keep in touch with the people I have grown to respect and adore so much, keep motivated to work harder than I ever have before and keep sane with the help of the friends and family that have stuck by me for this crazy ride known as Creative Communications. I can't thank you all enough, you have inspired, pushed, helped and motivated me in ways that I can never express.

Keep in touch.

We've got you covered
Winnipeg fashion part 3: fall

The most-challenging season of the year can also be the most rewarding for the fashionable Winnipegger. The low temperatures, icy winds and constant risk of frostbite means that layering isn’t just a fun option. It’s a necessity. All visible flesh must be protected by layers of wool, down feather and leather and overt sexiness becomes impossible.

Stay away from: Exposed skin
For obvious reasons, looks that revolve around a cleavage-baring neckline or exposed calves are out for the winter months. As hot as your body doubtlessly is, you just look cold and stupid if you put it on full display despite the -40 degree temperature. Hats, gloves, scarves, socks, and parkas were made to ensure that every part of you, except for your eyes, is safely covered at all times. Make sure to invest in a great hat and warm gloves and don’t you dare go anywhere near your strappy sandals for the next couple of months.

Try out: Faux fur

There’s nothing glamorous about animal cruelty but a great fake fur is warm, gorgeous and the epitome of rock and roll glamour. Think Penny Lane in Almost Famous or a more animal friendly Anna Wintour and you’ve got the look down pat.

Wear with: A pair of skinny, camel colored corduroy pants, flat, over the knee leather boots, extra-long leather gloves and extra long strands of faux pearls (or real if you can afford them!).

We've got you covered
Winnipeg fashion part 3: fall

Fall is probably the easiest Winnipeg season to dress for. The weather ranges from crisp to balmy and the mild temperatures allow you to do one of iPeg’s favorite things in the world: Layer. Scarves, cardigans, tights, boots, necklaces and knits. Layer them, layer them and layer some more. The trick is to look like an Olsen twin in bag lady chic, not an actual bag lady.

Stay away from: Small bags
With all of these layers, anything smaller than a grocery bag is going to look ridiculously out of proportion. Store your miniature cross-body satchels and tiny clutches till spring. If you’re unsure about whether your purse is hefty enough, simply do the iPeg iPad test, if your iPad doesn’t fit in your purse, it’s too small.

Try out: Opaque tights.

Nothing layers quite like a great pair or two of thick, footed tights. They provide an easy way to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall and make flirty shifts, skirts and wedges weather-appropriate. Go with a dark color, either classic black or an unexpected eggplant or hunter green hue for maximal leg lengthening, thigh trimming effect. Make sure that they are made of strong but stretchy fabric and that they are long enough for your body type, there’s nothing attractive about a low hanging crotch.

Wear with: Black, high heeled oxfords, tweed shorts, an old band shirt, oversized chunky knit cardigan and huge scarf.

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Winnipeg fashion part 2: summer

Once the streets have dried, Winnipeg sinks into a muggy, steamy couple of months commonly referred to as “Summer”. The cold-hardened Winnipegger is caught unaware by the scorching sun and dripping heat and profuse sweating and unappealingly greasy hair can ensue if not prepared with the lightest fabrics and breeziest dresses imaginable.

Stay away from: Pants.
As tempting as it is to whip out a pair of hippie-chic bell bottoms or a pair of linen trousers, your best bet for keeping sweat-free and comfortable is to get a great leg wax and show off those mile-long pins.  

Try out: Vintage skirts

Browsing through one of The Exchange District’s great vintage shops or your local Good-Will store will reward you with a variety of breezy, second-hand skirts. You can purchase skirts of every length and print imaginable for a few dollars with a guarantee that no sweaty stranger will be wearing the same thing as you. Depending on the length, you can choose to wear that floral maxi-skirt pulled high and belted as a dress or with a simple white tank top tucked into the waistband and leather gladiator sandals.

Wear with: A pyramid stud belt, leather covered wedges and over-sized cat-eye sunglasses.
We've got you covered
Winnipeg fashion part 2: spring

Spring is often heralded for its beauty and gift of new life. However, as the three feet of snow that coats Winnipeg during the winter months begins to melt, turning the streets into water-clogged canals and muddy ravines, we are taunted with the harsh reality that the cute open-toed pumps strutting down Marc Jacobs’ dry, mud-free runway just won’t work, so follow these tips instead and stay dry while looking cute.

Stay away from: Suede.
Though there’s nothing quite like a buttery soft suede bomber jacket or a pair of chic suede ankle boots, suede is one material that does not do well when mixed with moisture.

Try out: Wellies.

Ever since Kate Moss rocked a pair of black rubber rain boots with denim hot pants and a studded belt at the very muddy Glastonbury Music Festival, the dreaded “wellie” has gotten a chic make over from high end designers and bargain shops alike. Once you get over the fact that the last time you wore them you were probably forced into them by your mom you’ll fall in love too.

Wear with: Distressed jeans, a crisp white shirt, a boyfriend blazer and way too many rings and bangles courtesy of your local thrift shop.

We've got you covered
Winnipeg fashion part 1: intro

Staying fashionable in a city with weather, about as stable as a mentally-ill homeless person can be difficult. Actually, “difficult” isn’t quite the word that we’re looking for. “Near impossible” is more appropriate. Throw in a tight budget, a bus pass that makes you walk half the way to reach your destination and a limited selection of clothing retailers to choose from, and you have quite the challenge on your perfectly manicured hands.

Luckily, the makers of iPeg have been there through the -50 degree blizzards, battling mountainous snow drifts in knee high boots and faux fur. They triumphed over sweat stains in the hottest, most humid nightclubs imaginable, remaining cool and dry in wispy mini dresses and wooden wedges. And come spring, they rocked a pair of rubber boots with dark, skinny jeans and a well-cut blazer.

Regardless of the season, or the insane weather Winnipeg throws your way, you can and will look good. Just follow the tried and tested iPeg guide to dressing for Winnipeg weather: